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PUPPY COLONIAL Size XS bed for very small dog breeds or for cats


CUCCIOLOTTA CLASSIC Size XS bed for very small dog breeds or for cats


PUPPY GOTHIQUE THERMOCHIC Size M doghouse for medium dog breeds


CUCCIOLOTTA ROYAL Size S armchair with seat 44 x 34 cm


CUCCIOLOTTA NURSERY Size S Childbirth Kennel for small dog breeds


TWINNY PUPPY Size 2S Double bed for small dogs


RELAX PUPPY Size S cot with seat 44 x 34 cm


PODIUM PUPPY Size XS raised platform 75 x 55 cm


CUCCIOLOTTA NURSERY BOX LITTLE Birthing bed / playpen with door, for small / medium / medium-large dogs


PUPPY OUTDOOR FENCE 4 modules 110 X 110 x 60 H cm


HPL: Innovative Material
and ultra resistant

Our patented HPL laminate is heavy metal free and harmless to animal health and the environment in which they live. The material ignifugo e antistatic it is resistant to all parasites, thermal shocks and atmospheric agents. The self-supporting high pressure laminate is designed not to be affected by any type of animal, so it is also anti bite e scratchproof. Products that last a lifetime and are guaranteed for 5 years.

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Plaque for Kennel


CUCCIOLOTTA GOTHIQUE THERMOCHIC Size L doghouse for medium to large dog breeds


PUPPY OUTDOOR FENCE 8 modules 220 X 220 x 60 H cm


CUCCIOLOTTA NURSERY Size XL Childbirth Kennel for large dog breeds


Save Food Small Size


PUPPY OUTDOOR FENCE 8 modules 220 X 220 x 90 H cm


RELAX PUPPY Size S cot with seat 44 x 34 cm


CUCCIOLOTTA NURSERY Size L Childbirth Kennel for medium-large breeds of dogs


CUCCIOLOTTA COLONIAL Size XL kennel for large dog breeds special series in limited edition


CUCCIOLOTTA COLONIAL Size L kennel for medium to large dog breeds


Comfort and practicality with
the Cucciolotta kennels

Il hygienic material it does not absorb liquids or animal odors. Washing is simplified by the sunroof and for cleaning just use soap and water or a normal household detergent.

The particular interlocking technology it is patented and unique. Assembly is therefore very simple and entirely interlocking, quick and easy. Choose the comfort of Cucciolotta for your dog!

The best kennels
for your dog

The Cucciolotta kennels are the result of years of study and design, aimed at creating a kennel with superior characteristics, which offers the maximum comfort to your dog. The innovative and modern design is meant to offer excellent thermal insulation which makes the kennel cool in summer and warm in winter, excellent impermeability which makes coverage unnecessary in case of rain and the raised bottom off the ground.

A Cucciolotta is
we guarantee it

Our multi-layer HPL kennels they do not require any specific maintenance, can be easily assembled and washed even by non-professionals and are designed not to be damaged by animals or external agents. We are so sure of their quality that in addition to having the for a 30-day money back guarantee, all of our kennels offer a 5 year warranty.

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